Tower Bridge & the Pats’ Game

From Westminster we journeyed to Tower Gateway.  Our plan was to visit the Tower of London.  We got there later in the afternoon and when I went in to ask the lady about tickets she said to me “you’re really thinking about going in now; you’ll never be able to see everything in an hour and an half.”  OK…well since that was out we improvised and visited the Tower Bridge Exhibition instead.  **Note to visitors: Tower Bridge is the fancy bridge that looks like it should be London Bridge.  London Bridge is just a plain old, boring bridge**  To our surprise it was quite interesting.  During the tour/exhibition you learn the history of the bridge and in the two walkways there are two different exhibits.  Since the walkways are quite high you have a great view of London which is kinda cool.

Pete was hoping (and we were all keeping our fingers crossed) that he would be able to get out of work early and meet us out for dinner.  Our great plan was to find a pub that played the Patriots game.  (Pete and I haven’t been able to watch any of the Pats game since we’ve been in London.  The time difference and inconvenience of finding a place that is playing the game is too much to deal with.  If they come back to play, we’ll be there.)  We decided to meet him at this BBQ place called Bodean’s BBQ.  We knew that they were booked but we figured we could hang out at the bar and watch the game and wait for Pete.  We were lucky to sneak in under the radar of the hostess and get a seat in the bar.  Because they were booked for the night they weren’t supposed to let anyone into the bar except people that had been there for dinner…interesting concept.  They were very nice and let us stay although they made it clear initially that we weren’t supposed to be there.  Luckily someone at the bar was also American (go figure, American restaurant featuring NFL games) and he was able to point us to another bar that was playing the game. 

We found out early on at Bodean’s that we were the only ones there paying any attention to watching the game.  At about 5:45pm we finally asked someone why the game wasn’t on.  Well it turns out that the they had bought some sort of NFL pass online but SKY TV (British telecom company) had bought rights to the game and were blacking it out from streaming from anywhere else.  Ha.  Bodean’s didn’t have SKY but were able to find a shady site that was streaming the game.

 From Bodean’s we ventured to the place that we had told would be playing the game; the name of the place escapes my memory which is fine since Pete said he would never be going back.  After all the effort we had a great meal and were able to watch the Patriots put up another W.


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