Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

In Carnaby - don't think you can see the flakes but notice the wet streets

Buddle up has been the theme in London this past week.  Dig out the hats, mittens, gloves, scarfs, boots & winter jackets – it’s going to be ANOTHER cold one.  Temperatures have dropped below freezing for over a week now.  Many parts of the United Kingdom been getting hit with snow storms.  My in-laws were here to experience the cold spell (pictures and posts from their visit to come).  Although it has been frigid we’ve been very fortunate that here in London it has been dry AND sunny (well until today)!  We finally had to turn the heat on in our flat, sweatsedos and fleece blankets were no longer enough.

Looking out the window at my office. It's snow quite hard although you can't tell by the picture.

Snow wasn't sticking to the streets but you can see the accumulation on this motorcycle

Today the snow has arrived!  When I walked out onto our balcony this morning (I do this most mornings to get an idea of the temperature and precipitation before deciding what outer and footwear to wear into work) and the flurries began.  Of course, I was thrilled!  I love snow, especially the first snow of the year (I agree that it’s less appealing come March and April when winter has dragged on long enough).  The first snow means Christmas MUST be right around the corner; that snowboarding & après ski will soon be a reality; that before I know it I will be hearing the shrill laughter of my niece and nephew as we sled down Colby hill.

Sledding with the kiddos & my mom (Phil is our photographer) last year at Colby.

This year, well today, is my first “first snow” here in London.  The snow here has a complete different meaning than the snow in New England.  Snow that sticks in London has the ability to shut down the whole city.  In fact, accumulation of less than ½ inch is devastating to public transportation.  Because London experiences substantial snow fall on such few occasions (like once every 20 years) the city doesn’t have any snow removal infrastructure in place.  Snow removal from any city is a huge pain.  Now imagine the snow removal without the equipment…no shovels, no plows, no salt/gravel trucks.  As you can imagine, it a recipe for disaster.  Last year a couple of inches of snow shut the city down for DAYS…can you imagine, just a couple of inches.


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