Holy Hot Yoga

Yesterday I began my 14 day “trial” membership at the Bikram Yoga Studio near my flat.  I’ve been wanting to seriously start practicing yoga but I’ve found it to be ridiculously expensive here – £15 ($23) per class is the cheapest I’ve seen with the exception of yoga at the gym in our building which is £10 ($15) but I don’t trust that they know what they are doing.  I was explaining/complaining to my mom that I the only way I would be able to afford yoga was if there was a Groupon special and the odds that the studio would be close to my flat or office were slim to none.  Well, no joke, the DAY after having this conversation with my mom the studio right around the corner from my flat was on Groupon – 10 sessions for £30!  I signed up immediately.  After doing a little more research into the studio, I decided to first sign up for the “Intro Special” – 14 days unlimited for £20.  The offer is ONLY available to news members so I figured I would do this, then use my Groupon for later sessions. 

I survived my first 90 minute class.  Bikram yoga is HOT yoga – the temperature in the studio is over 100 degrees for the entire class.  You leave looking like you’ve been sprayed with a hose.  Early in the class the instructor said “I don’t allow towels [meaning towels to wipe the sweat] in my class.  The more you wipe, the more you will sweat.  Just drip.”  And that is what we all did.  Despite being a sweaty mess, I loved it.  I’m definitely feeling it today, my body is sore.  The plan is it maximize these next 13 days and go as often as I can.  I know that my body will benefit not just from all the strengthening and stretching but also from the sweating.  Seriously, I’m getting detoxed!


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