Something new and different for me

If you spent any time with me at Babson, or know anything about me in general, you know how much I love, love, love…can you guess?  It’s white.  Light & fluffy.  Get it yet?  Tastes delicious with salt.  Got it yet?  USUALLY comes in a microwavable bag.  Ok, I’m sure you’ve got it by now….POPCORN!  Love it!!  I definitely inherited this from my mom.  She loves popcorn almost, if not just as much, as me.

I thought London was a popcorn free country until I finally founds some yesterday!  Oh was I excited.  The only, small problem is it’s not in a microwavable bag (which, to be honest may have been more intimidating considering the mystery and complexity surrounding operating our microwave)…just the corn kernels.  So to many people this is probably not a big deal.  But me, I’ve never made popcorn that wasn’t JiffyPop or microwavable.  Pathetic really.

Well today, that has all changed.  I sucessfully made stovetop popcorn!  I’m happy to say that it was much easier than I anticipated.  Popcorn in the the pan.  Cover on.  Wait until the popping.  Then…

Shake, shake, shake

And abracadabra, POPCORN ladies and gentleman.  At this point you have probably realized that I’m quite proud of myself.  Now rest assure, if you come to visit me I will be able to serve you homemade popcorn!!


One thought on “Something new and different for me

  1. It’s funny you should write about popcorn. The popcorn gene was passed down from my mother. When i was growing up she actually had a special pan that was only used to make popcorn. Of course we wanted her to buy jiffypop – but no.
    Phil & I have been making a giant batch every night with our air popper. Can’t wait to make you some when you get home.

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