Yes, I’m American…what was it that gave me away?

It’s hilarious to me that people, after engaging in conversation for several minutes, ask me if I’m American. Seriously? What was it that gave me away?! I’m really not trying to sound like an arrogant American that expects everyone to know that I’m American at first glance…but maybe I am. I’m living in London. The music you hear EVERYWHERE is by American artists, prime time TV is 75% American, American movie and show advertisements are plastered all over every tube station. Do you really mean to tell me you don’t recognize an American accent when you hear one? Please.

And yes I eat, and will continue to eat no matter how long I’m here, like an American. No matter how inefficient it may be I cut my food with the knife in my right AND put the food in my mouth with my fork using my right hand. The English eating etiquette seemed rude to me (ha they probably think the same about me).

I hate when people say to me “that’s so American”. Yes, I live in your country (maybe, more often than not people are not British – this is London after all one of the most diverse cities in the world) BUT I am also American. I guess I should start taking this comment as a compliment. I’m proud to be an American and wouldn’t have it any other way!


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