Babson meets London

A few weeks ago Pete informed me that he had signed us up for an alumni event…”super” was my initial thought, a bunch of people I don’t know. He has been to a few of them since he’s been living in London. With the exception of the BIG alumni events (Alumni weekend and athlete alumni weekend), events that I knew I would know people at…ok, ok I was actually going with my friends.

I’m not going to lie I had completely stereotyped the type of people that show up for these events…in my mind these were the kids that spent way too much time in the library and didn’t even know where he pub was (I was actually kinda right on the latter, the people there kept saying Roger’s Pub…trust me if you visited most than once a semester you would drop the Roger’s and the formality and just refer to the pub as “pub” – I’m sure these people didn’t even know they were giving themselves away). I was pretending to be looking forward to this event while inside I was afraid I was going to have to spend an evening with boring, smart people…

I’m so happy to say I was wrong!! I ended up having a really good time and thoroughly enjoying myself. The turn out was great I thought although I have no idea how many alumni live in London so it actually could have been terrible. The crowd was young and mostly undergrad, even the MBAs were relatively young. Everyone was fun, social and genuinely seemed interested in what I do (I truly believe what I do IS very interesting) and why/how long we were in London. Great conversation, nice & interesting people = great event! I’m so happy I went and am looking forwards to meeting up with the people I met there. It reminded me that I need to order business cards!!


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