Traffic Jam (and I’m already late, no smoking sign on my cigarette break, it’s like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife)

And I thought Boston traffic was bad…

The differences between being stuck in a human traffic jam and a car traffics FAR outweigh the similarities.  The worst thing about human traffic jams are the bodies.  The surround you and rob you of any personal space you’d like to have.  More often than not they are rough, pushing, elbowing and stepping on your feet.  Sometimes they reek of body odor, alcohol, you name it – my favorite stench has to be an overdose of perfume; although it makes me slightly nauseous it does it’s work drowning out the other smells.

Human traffic jams can get nasty too.  God help you if you get the “Seek Assistance” message when scanning your tube card.  It’s nearly impossible to back your way out of the crowd let alone fine someone to assist.  The best is, after being herded to the platform, you push your way into an overcrowded car only to be stuck next to the smelliest person on the tube.  It happens more frequently in the summer months, when all the bodies packed in like sardines are hot and sweaty.  Sounds enticing, huh?

Next time you’re stuck in a car traffic jam enjoy the space, the freedom to move your body this way and that.  Stretch your legs and your arms.  Enjoy the air that belongs to you and only you (unless you have a passenger).  Turn the radio up, sing at the top of your lungs, dance!

There is one slight benefit of human traffic jams, from my experience they are usually short lived.  I’ve sat in car traffic jams for HOURS – after hours (well maybe minutes or an hour, depending on your attention span) you begin to think of all the things you’d rather be doing.  Who knows, maybe of them is being stuck in a human traffic jam that only lasts 10 minutes…

**Disclaimer: It’s rare that I take the Central line via Oxford Circus home (see in the video).  I don’t like the chaos entering the tube station or the VERY long and crowded transfer to the DLR.  Instead, I walk the extra three blocks to Bond Street and take the Jubilee ride all the way home (no transfers).  Taking the Jubilee line also give me a 20ish minute walk in the morning – a great way to wake up and start the day!  I also have to say, that four out five days a week I get a seat on the tube.  After reading the above you may think otherwise, but I really have no complaints about my commute.


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