Every work day Microsoft features a new employee “snapshot” on the employee intranet homepage. These pictures range from employees at the home fort in Redmond to people scuba diving in Thailand, eating out in Mumbai, at The Great Wall of China, skiing in the Alps, at the Eiffel Tower…ok I think you get the picture. Some of dedicated employees are holding or wearing Microsoft paraphernalia – “u bing? i bing!”. Any day now, since Everest got cellphone service, we’ll see someone on the summit making a call with their Windows Phone 7 – mark my words on this one.

It’s always exciting to me to see a name I know featured in one of these snapshots. For two reasons: 1 – I haven’t met a lot of the people I work with face-to-face so its interesting to see them in a photo that is not their employee mugshot. 2 – roughly 90,000 people are employed by Microsoft, so the odds of seeing someone you know aren’t great.

We’ll, I have some exciting news…I submitted a picture of Pete and I from our wedding to the alias with little hope it would be featured (there’s actually a disclaimer that says they receive many, many photos and only a selection can be featured). Last Monday I got an email that our photo would be up on Friday! I only realized today that pictures posted Friday (9:00am Redmond Time known outside the Microsoft world as pacific standard time) up ALL weekend and changes at 9:00am Redmond time on Monday! This gave plenty of my colleagues worldwide the chance to see the picture. I wasn’t expecting more than a few IMs from people in my “FAST” world commenting but I got emails and IMs from many different groups! It was really nice!! I guess I’m not the only one that is excited to see people they e-know in these pictures.


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