Excited for our first visitors to arrive in TWO weeks!!

In two weeks from today (this morning to be precise) our first visitors will be arriving – just in time for Thanksgiving!  Who?!  Pete’s parents!!  AKA, my MIL & FIL.  As you may already know, had the pleasure of living with them for before Pete and I got married.  It was supposed to be temporary but snowballed into 14 months.  I really enjoyed the time I lived there and am grateful to have had the opportunity to really get to know my in-laws.  They are wonderful, down-to-earth people and VERY gracious people.

Over the time I lived there many people asked me (many assumed) if it was awkward living with Pete’s parents.  I can honestly say, with the exception of maybe the first couple of weeks, it wasn’t at all.  It made it really easy when Pete came home to visit too!  He didn’t have to wasted any time traveling back and forth to split his time with his family and me.

ANYWAY, my point is I’m super excited for them to arrive and for their visit.  I know we’ll have a great time exploring and visiting new places!  Of course, there will also be some serious hi-lo-jack (sp?) games!  And maybe, a makeshift Thanksgiving dinner.


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