Camden Market

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I’ve been living in London for seven weeks (wow…I can’t believe I’ve been here for seven weeks)!  So far I’ve visited Greenwich, Portabella, Borough (and Jubilee but it’s technically part of Borough), and Camden markets.  Pete and I went to Camden Market this weekend.  I loved it!  The atmosphere was definitely different than the other markets.  Pete warned me before we arrived that Camden was a little “out there”.  Yup, he was right.  Exiting the tube station you are immediately immersed (and for me utterly amused) by the eccentric store fronts and the people working in them.  For example, there was a guy in the store in front of the tube station who was tattooed in…tattoos and his multi-colored hair was styled into at least foot long spikes.  He was holding a sign for one of the many tattoo paroles on the street.  Welcome to Camden Market!

While Camden Market does have the typical food and beverage stalls there is a large section of the market dedicated to clothes.  So much fun to wonder through the stalls looking at the different styles and having the stall “clerk” come up to and say “Don’t worry about the price, love.  I give you good deal.” **wink, wink**.  I really wish I had discovered Camden before Halloween, I would have been able to come up with a great costume.  Actually, Pete and I are going to a costume Christmas party in December so I might just return to find our party attire.

So you might be wondering what kind of clothes they’re selling.  Tons and tons of graphic shirts with ridiculous sayings and pictures.  Although most are very inappropriate they are very entertaining to read.  We found ourselves laughing out loud as we read through the shirts.  Many booths sell dresses.  There are bags galore.  Scarfs, hats, mittens, gloves – of all shapes, sizes and colors.  Beads, necklaces, bracelets, rings – you name the type of jewelry, they have it; all different styles and origins.  Oh ya, they also have “retail” stalls.  I use the term retail very loosely.  The extremely, reasonably priced Abercrombie and Fitch as well as other designer clothes, appeared to be “hot”.  I thought it might be stolen but given the variety and quantity I was led to believe maybe they held up a delivery truck.  Pete said it was all knockoffs but all the stuff had legitimate tags.

The shops on the streets, not technically part of the market, are full of character.  I haven’t seen another street like it in London (so far).  The store fronts come alive with snakes, scorpions, shoes, teapots – you name it!  It’s very cool.  The streets and market atmosphere make for some high quality people watching.  Like Pete said, the crowd is a little out there.  Well the true is you have the “out there” crowd mixed in with “regular”, everyday boring Londoners (like Pete and I) and tourist.  It is a major London attraction after all!

Note to all: if you visit London be sure to visit Camden Market.  Needless to say, I’ll be going back on a fairly regular basis. 


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