Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Husband!

Pete at Stump Pass Beach in Florida

Today is Pete’s 24th birthday.  Yup, I’m six months older than him.  This weekend we had a lovely night out for his birthday.  We went out to the theatre to see Jersey Boys.  Loved the show.  I didn’t know what the show was about going in and LOVED that I knew all the music and could happily sing along.

I love you baby

And if it’s quite alright,

I need you baby

To warm a lonely night

After the show we went to an eloquent French restaurant L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon – http://www.joel-robuchon.net/The food was exquisite as was the company, of course.  On Sunday, when Pete was out playing some “football”, I snuck off to the “Dairy & Gluten Free” stand at Greenwich Market.  I stumbled the table last time I was there and knew that I had to come back to pick up one of the delicious looking cupcakes for Pete on his birthday.  The cupcakes (well I only tried a small nibble of one) were outstanding.

I feel very lucky and fortunate to be married to such a wonderful man.  I know it’s cliché, but Pete is all I could ask for and more in a husband.  I love you babe, Happy Birthday!  (even though you don’t read my blog)


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