Halloween UK Edition

The US hype for Halloween has not hit the UK. Yes, Halloween is celebrated on this side of the pond but with far less exthusiam. Halloween in the US has exploded and seems to be almost as popular as Christmas. In fact I was speaking with a women I work with last week (she works in Virginia) and she was late getting to work because she had to go to her daughter’s Halloween pageant. Unbelievable. The full retail and commercial potential has definitely been realized in the US. The UK has some room to grow.

All that being said we did have a fun night out! We went to a colleague of Pete’s flat for an all out “fancy dress” party. He had a fabulous flat!! However, EVERYONE was smoking inside…woof.

It’s funny to see the differences in costumes here versus in the US as well. Here all the costume seemed to be store bought, straight out of the box – very little creativity. This made me think back to college when we would spend hours crafting out well thought out costumes. Not so much here and I can kinda see why. You can’t just run to Walmart to buy cheap clothes to rip up and write on. You can’t whip over to good will to hunt through racks and racks of potential attire. Pete and I wanted to dress as a pilot and stewardess but I couldn’t find costumes (this was before I was introduced to Camden Market). We settled for costumes from the clearance (priced to clear) rack at ASDA. He was the grim reaper and I was a cat…so unoriginal.


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