Gauguin Exhibition @ Tate Modern

St. Paul's Cathedral

Another beautiful fall weekend here in London.  I’m getting quite spoiled weather-wise.  When Pete and I left our flat early Saturday afternoon it was sprinkling ever so slightly – of course it was, we didn’t have an umbrella.  I fought the urge to run back up to the flat and grab one, lucky for us the rain went away as fast as it had arrived and we had a beautiful afternoon. 

Pete & St. Paul's Cathedral. He works right around the corner

We joined the masses and headed to the Tate Modern.  Gauguin is on exhibition right now and since it is sponsored by BAML Pete and “guest” got free admission!  We were also allowed to view the exhibition at our convenience which may not sound like a big deal but we were in line at 3:30pm and the general public buying tickets could only buy tickets for the 6:30pm or later viewings.  Thanks BAML!!

Gauguin Exhibition!

The website warns “Please be aware that the exhibition is extremely busy.  If you do not visit the gallery having booked tickets, please expect queues to purchase tickets and a waiting time to view the exhibition.”  The warning proved very true.  The exhibit was very crowded.  Apparently Gauguin is quite a hit!  I have heard of him but am by no means an art critic.  The collection was very good.  His work is very interesting.  I very much so enjoyed the exhibition.  Even though I’ve only been living in London for a short time, I’m feeling more cultured.  On a daily basis, I’m exposed to so many different cultures.  It’s really amazing to experience.  From the foods to the faces to the attire – there is immense variety.


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