Regent’s Park

Sunday was a beautiful fall day and not just for London standards.  There was a chill in the air but the sun was out in force and the clouds were scarce.  I was thinking of visiting Kew Gardens but decided to postpone that trip to another day when Pete would be able to join me.  I wanted to spend time outside enjoying the weather before the drab London winter weather starts to creep up on us and the sunny days become few and far between.  I decided to make the trip across the city to Regent’s Park.  It’s really not that far away, 30 minutes at most and well worth the trip. 

The park itself is quite expansive.


Like all parks in London (that I’ve visited at least) the grounds are impeccably manicured and the benches are plentiful.  There are soccer (…football) fields and even a tennis club (this made me want to sign up for group tennis lessons, if they exist).  I spent awhile roaming around before I headed toward Queen Mary’s gardens where I planned to settle myself and read my book.

Queen Mary’s gardens are gorgeous, really quite unbelievable.  There hundreds of roses bushes that must hold thousands upon thousands of roses.  Roses of all colors and size.  It’s a beautiful spot to stop and find a patch of grass to sprawl out on and read.  And that is exactly what I did.  I got lost in my book (The Twilight Saga – sooooooo good; don’t judge me if you haven’t read them) until Pete called me and let me know we were invited to one of his colleague’s house for dinner.  Although I was a little disappointed to be leaving the oasis, I was happy I did when I started to feel rain drops before getting on the tube.

If you are visiting London, Regent’s Park is definitely worth visiting.  Make sure you venture to the center of the park and stop and smell the roses.


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