Beer Butt Chicken

Friday night Pete and I had a nice relaxing dinner at home.  He had to work late so I had plenty of time to go to the gym and cook dinner which is the ideal situation for me (not him coming home late but being able to make it to the gym).  So what was on the menu?  Well I decided to make beer but chicken which is very easy to make and is delicious.  The only problem with making beer butt chicken in London is that the beer cans are bigger and the ovens are small.  Which almost created a dilemma of the chicken not fitting in the oven.  With a little maneuvering and chicken abuse I got it in.  The chicken takes almost two hours to cook which gave me plenty of time to prepare the rest of the meal.  I was looking forward to having butternut squash as it is one of my favorite vegetables but I managed to pick up a “bad” squash.  It was brown inside (rotten) and had to be thrown away.

Fresh out of the oven!!

Sad really.  We had to settle for one of the bags and bags of frozen mixed vegetables that Pete has accumulated.  Not bad but not my first choice either.  I also made bulgur with toasted almonds, sweet onions and peppers with a splash of lemon juice – delicious!!  For dessert we had apple crisp (you can see it cooking under the chicken in the oven.  I’m sure the family food safety manager would have something to say about this but the apple crisp was completely protected by the HUGE pan the chicken was on), another thing I love about fall.  Apple crisp straight out of the oven with vanilla ice cream is almost impossible to beat.  Pete’s response to the apple crisp was “does this have granola on top?  I like it besides that.”  Well it’s apple crisp, kinda hard to separate the apples from the oatmeal topping, which is my favorite part.  Unfortunately, since Pete wasn’t going to help eat the apple crisp it had to be thrown away.  I know this may seem very wasteful but it’s what I have to do.  If I ever bake something that Pete doesn’t like and won’t eat it has to be thrown away.  Otherwise next thing I know I will have eaten an entire dish of apple crisp…not good for my waistline.  We had a really nice dinner.  It’s nice to sit down whether at home or out a couple of times a week to catch up.  Because of Pete’s long hours many nights I don’t see him so I cherish the nights we do get to spend time together. 


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