Eggs & Wine

A thing I’ve noticed, and so far am having a very hard time getting used to, in grocery stores(and I use this term loosely since the grocery stores ‘ain’t no Stop and Shop) is that the eggs aren’t refrigerated. The concept in general doesn’t bother me. I understand that chickens lay eggs and the are at room temperature…fine (I’ve recently even collected eggs at my aunt Stacey’s farm). BUT the inside of the egg carton says “Refrigerate after purchase”. It’s an egg carton, there is no seal…it’s not like salad dressing (watch out for salad dressings the expiration dates aren’t as far in the future as one would think they were). What happens on my walk home that requires the eggs to need refrigeration? Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to put them in fridge; in fact I put them in immediately when I get home…like they might go bad. Clearly that’s not the case. Despite the fact that I now hate buying eggs, seeing them in the muddle of an aisle next to the flour and sugar just doesn’t seem right to me, I do still buy them. And I’m happy to say that even after sitting at room temperature for who knows how long they still taste like well eggs. I haven’t come down will salmonella yet either which is more than I can say for many unfortunate, American egg eaters in recent months. So now you know, I hate when eggs aren’t refrigerated before purchase.

What do I love? Well to be honest I’m full of love and love so much! But this made me laugh and think “business genius”. Weight Watchers wine, found at your local ASDA. I have yet to see this on selves in the US however I may nit have ever been looking for it. I think it’s funny that Fluff, an all-American delicacy, is £4.99 (roughly $8) but you can buy Weight Watchers frozen dinners £1. I have to believe that Weight Watchers, like Fluff, is also VERY American. And now they have wine…like I said genius.


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