One of my many favorite things about fall…

What is your favorite season?  I distinctly remember this writing assignment from 4th grade.  The vast majority of the kids in my class wrote about summer, apparently the summer off really does it for 4th graders.  A few kids wrote about winder, skiing, Christmas, Santa.  I was the only one in my class to write about fall.  I guess most kids don’t like fall because it’s the end of summer and the start of another long school year.  I, however, loved fall then and still love fall.

For many years of my life fall brought me into the heart of field hockey season.  I loved standing on the field, closing my eyes and feeling and breathing fall.  I still love sensation, although it’s no longer combined with the smell of fresh-cut grass, the words of national anthem and the feeling of being surrounded by best friends united to take the field and leave our all there on the turf.

Fall also brings Halloween which in college, brings more celebration than Christmas and all other holidays combined.  Halloween costumes are talked about and planned for weeks, even months in advance.  Taking Halloween away from college kids is like taking candy from a kid, probably even worse…trust me, I’ve been there and it was devastating.

Friendly Jack-o-lantern

Maine is the best state in the country to enjoy fall.  Apples straight from the orchard, apple pie, homemade applesauce (my mom’s is superb!), warm afternoons, crisp evenings, maybe even the first dusting of snow – taste of winter.  The foliage, leaves crunching under your feet, pumpkins!  I love it all!  This year is the first of life that I will not be spending fall in New England.

Although I don’t believe it will ever compare to Maine, fall has arrived here in London.  I can’t see it in the trees, mostly because there are no trees, but I do feel it in the air.  Last night I smelled a wood fire which could have been my imagination since I live in a 20 story apartment building that I’m sure doesn’t allow fires any more extreme than candles.  Either way, I smelled it and loved it!

Scary Jack-o-lantern. I impressed myself carving this guy. Boo!

Today I found pumpkins!  I’ve been afraid since moving here that I would miss out on things as silly as carving pumpkins because the trend hadn’t hit the UK, fortunately that has not happened so far.  We now have two jack-o-lanterns decorating and bringing the fall spirit into our flat. 

With pumpkins comes pumpkin seeds, another thing to love about fall.  UK pumpkins seem to be high-yielding when it comes to seeds.  I got a couple of cups from one very small pumpkin and one medium-sized pumpkin.  After washing them and patting them dry then went into the oven to toast.  This was not the best tasting batch of seeds I’ve ever made but they’re edible.



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