Dinner Out and Dinner at Home

Nice bibs!!

After a week of late nights at work, Pete was able to sneak out of the office early on Friday (well 7:00pm) and meet me for dinner.


  We went to a hibachi grill kind of close to my office – Matsuri.  It was delicious!  And the food was endless!  I ordered a set menu that had at least five courses, actually it’s featured on their site – Autumn Special Menu.  The waitresses were dressed almost in full geisha attire – include the thong sandals.  When we sat down they immediately bibbed us – guess they saw me coming a mile away.  I was hoping for a little bit more playing with fire but other than that small disappointment everything was excellent.  We sat next to an older gentleman from New York.  He was visiting England to trace his family roots.  He told us that he was staying in the gentlemen’s club that was across the street from the restaurant.  He, apparently, frequently travels to London however does not stay in the gentlemen’s club when she is with him because “they don’t let women in the front door”.  Ha!  Unbelievable!  I think we enjoyed his company almost as much as he enjoyed ours.  Hibachi grills are always interesting for this very reason, you have no idea who you may be seated next to.  We were lucky but I can imagine that it could go bad very easily too.

Dinner at home might not have quite as good as the hibachi grill but we did have a nice night at home.

Apple Pie!

After going to the market on Saturday I spend the afternoon peeling apples and butternut squash.  The first thing to go in the oven was the apple pie.  Pete had to make an emergency run to the store to pick up “short crust” since I didn’t refrigerate my pie crust dough for long enough and it didn’t roll out – check it off as another failure or lesson learned.  (A little bit more of a difficult lesson since I search the city high and low for Crisco and paid £3.25 for it!  Not quite as bad as the fluff for £4.99.  American food is apparently a hot commodity in London.) 

Our dinner menu consisted of the following: French baguette, Butternut Squash Soup, Burgundy Pork Tenderloin, Roasted Red Potatoes with Rosemary, and Apple Pie.  The pork tenderloin wasn’t very good but the rest of the dinner was pretty good for our first home cooked meal at, drum roll please, OUR HOME!

French Baguettes - Practice makes perfect!

My favorite was the butternut squash soup although it was quite a pain to make without a blender.  Pete thought it had too much ginger but I LOVE ginger which is probably why I over gingered the soup.  Pete thought the baguette was excellent!  He did ranked the meal as pretty good.


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