Borough Market

The stand we purchased all our fruit and vegetables from!

Yesterday Pete and I went to Borough Market.  It was highly recommended to me that we get there early as the market is a London hot-spot, not only for tourists checking the place out and grabbing a bite to eat but it’s also where the locals go to get fresh meats and produce. 

Nothing like a dead duck to stir your appetite. 🙂 We bought the pork tenderloin from this stand.

 It’s much like a farmers’ market with the addition of a wide variety of ethnic food vendors.  The place was hopping when we arrived at 1:00pm – as hard as we tried we didn’t succeed in getting there early. 

Delious! Now I just need a recipe that calls for olives...any suggestions?

As much as I wanted to go vendor to vendor, exploring and checking out their goods, we made our trip quite efficient – well as efficient as possible given the number of bodies packed into the market and, of course, all the free samples that had me stopping left and right (this could very easily be my favorite part of the market, all the cheese, sausage, bread, jams and other spreads are available to be sampled.  Ok, all the ungloved hands caused me to hesitate but only for a second.) I think Pete was even impressed with my speed and efficiency, although he would never admit it.  I was lucky he came along though, the apples potatoes and onions would have been quite heavy to carry all by myself.  (I am getting used to walking everywhere and having to carry everything you buy not just back to the car but back to your flat. This sometimes makes you double or triple think about what you are buying.  For example, after being here for only two weeks, I am planning on investing in a Brita water filter for my fridge.  Carry water home is not fun.  Lesson learned.)

I (surely all the tourist books as well) highly recommend checking out the market if you visit London but ONLY if you don’t mind mass amounts of people and having to push your way through the crowd.  It’s an experience that I enjoyed.  I will definitely be back to the market maybe not

How could I not take a picture?

 every week but definitely whenever I’m cooking dinner and want the fresh meat and produce the market has to offer.  Hopefully when Pete’s parents are here in November we’ll be able to visit and get fish from Gary’s Fish. 🙂

Rosemary, chives & ginger! Maybe not in the picture but that is what we purchased here.


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