Vienna or Bust!!

18:45 (6:45pm if your struggle with the conversion like me) – Flight BA076 departs from London.
18:25 (6:25pm) Pete and I are still, not so patiently, waiting in the security line (must mention that we were in the highly envied First Class line thanks to Pete’s (note not my) business class ticket although worth mentioning that according to him we were sitting across the aisle from each (3C & 4D) even if there would be a curtain separating us. Don’t get me wrong, I’d stand the 2 hour and 15 minute flight if it meant that I’d get to spend the weekend with my wonderful husband in Vienna – No joke, Ryanair is actually going to do this).

I’m (we) are highly critical of all the individuals in front of us in line that, despite the verbal and written announcements, wait until the very last minute to take laptops and liquids out of their bags. Come on people!!!  At least I leave liquids in my bag so I’m the only one held up when they have to search my bag. Unfortunately for me (us, well really Pete. He is the one with the 10am meeting in Vienna), this was NOT the day to have to have your bag searched.  Forty-five minutes, 4 or 5 whistle while you work whistled and signed my the man checking bags, and one flight to Vienna later, I made it through security. 

Meanwhile Pete had time to run to gate 24 ask them to hold the bus bringing passengers to the plane, fight with them when they said “sorry sir, it’s the bus or your wife. Do you want to board?”, walk to back to the security line, then back to gate 24 to announce to the unsympathetic gate agents that he had lost his wife and if they saw “5’7 blond American looking for her husband” (who this women is I have yet to determine) to send her to the rebooking agent.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) Pete found me on his walk back again to security, sprinting to the gate – sweaty, out of breath (and shape), and, as I quickly determined, TOO LATE.

Needless to say we will not be arriving in Vienna tonight. Hello airport bar, Heathrow Express,


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